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Our presets collection is a carefully curated treasure trove of visual enhancements, crafted to make your photos truly unforgettable. Whether you're capturing the breathtaking beauty of landscapes, the intimate moments of family, or the dynamic energy of urban life, these presets infuse your images with a touch of pure magic. 📸✨Wave goodbye to laborious editing sessions and say hello to efficiency and creativity.

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About Victoria Bee Photography:

📸✨ Photography isn't just a profession; it's my life's passion. With 20 years of experience behind the camera and 20 years of dedicated expertise in professional retouching, I've honed my craft to tell stories through the lens.

👰📸 My journey began with the magic of lifestyle photography and the creativity of blogger-styled photoshoots. These early experiences ignited a spark that would drive my artistic vision forward.

📰🍽️ With over a decade of experience behind the lens and countless moments frozen in time, I've curated a collection that breathes life into marketing campaigns, websites, and creative projects worldwide. You can find my collection on  the most reputable stock platforms, Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and iStock.

👫💍 Additionally, wedding and portrait photography have been a heartfelt part of my journey, as I've had the privilege of working closely with my own clients to capture their cherished moments.

🌟Follow my journey on Instagram @victoriabeephoto, where I share the stories I've captured and the moments I've cherished. Let's create and celebrate art through the power of photography. 📷🌟